What we offer

We offer a full range of mobile software development services, from UX design to total e-commerce solution customization on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Ideations & Concept. We help you turn your early ideas into a viable product concept.
  • Design. Our experts will help you create a graphical and user experience design (UXD) that suits users’ needs.
  • Development. We use the power of technology to develop and build a high quality well-functioning iOS or Android mobile apps.
  • Testing. We test your mobile app for usability and performance. We run interrupt, installation, and certification tests to ensure that your app is compliant and functions properly under a variety of conditions.
  • Deployment. We help you deploy the back-end of your app and publish it on a variety of web stores and resources to increase visibility and encourage downloads.
  • Support. After deploying your mobile app, we offer ongoing tech support to help you troubleshoot issues and make certain your software continues to function as intended.

B2C and B2B app development

Why Develonica

Mobile development from Develonica brings to our customers:

  • Effective and secure customer communication channel
  • A state-of-the-art marketing communication tool
  • Convenient channel for providing up-to-date information on goods and services
  • Multi-functional solutions with tangible business results based on best practices and advanced technologies

Key principles

We are your team of experts with a unique synergy

True partner approach

Our deep experience makes us more than a technology supplier: we help our clients find the best business models and monetization approaches, create business cases, and ROI plans.

IP rights protection

Our agreements state that the source code and IP rights received belong to the customer. No license fees.

Open processes

We adhere to the principles of open communication, transparent reports on project status and frequency of deliverables. The product manager or customer project manager becomes part of the team.

Cost control

We control the budget and track delivery dates accurately throughout the project.

Empower your business today with Develonica!

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