Our data analytics service offerings:

  • Consulting: | Proof of Concept | Strategy Road map, Technology evaluation & recommendations | Architectural Consulting | Capacity Planning, Performance |
  • Development & Implementation Services: | Data Modeling, Algorithm development | Develop map reduce code, transformations, custom code | Data Integration Services | Search & Document Indexing | Data Quality and Metadata management | Reports/Visualizations, Analytics |
  • Testing, Provisioning & Automation: | Installation and Configuration |
  • Data Security: | Data leak detection | Malware detection | Application Fraud Analytics | Security Reporting |

Platforms that we use

Data Analytics platforms

Develonica High Performance Computing (HPC) platform – vertically scalable, cost effective solution for sequential algorithms and modelling:

  • Data stream real time processing
  • Modelling

Develonica Text Analytics platform – text metrics (for example, “discrepancy” between two texts), e-discovery, based on semantics engine and machine learning.

Key principles

Out vast experience allows us to be more than technology provider: we helping clients to find best business models and monetization approaches, to create business cases and ROI models.
Under our agreements, the resulting source code and IP rights will belong to the client. No licensing fees.
We are based on principles of open communications, transparent project status reporting and frequent deliverables. Client’s product or project manager becomes part of the team.
Throughout the project, we accurately control the budget and track delivery. We achieve projects cost-efficiency through optimal nearshore/ offshore/onsite ratio.

Success stories

The leading companies around the globe trust Develonica Big Data Analytics. Learn about successful case studies here.

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