We provide custom development consulting for BDM, TDM, and middle management. We help determine the digital transformation needs of a company/department, set prioritization, estimate project scope, select technologies and KPIs, and define project success metrics. Our services can be delivered at the start of the project, before the development and implementation, and at the stage of ongoing innovation.

Our consulting capabilities

Our workshop-style engagements typically include the following topics:

  • Digital transformation maturity and readiness assessment
  • Selection of technologies and identification of use cases
  • Discussion of typical industry-specific scenarios and selection of the optimal ones
  • Project scope and architecture
  • Business model and monetization

We provide the full stack of consulting services:

By project business goals

Evaluation of existing services, defining new and extended services, mapping services to processes and customer journey
Evaluation of existing processes, defining new and extended processes, mapping to services
Review of existing tools, evaluation of new and planned tools; mapping tools to processes
Clients and partners
Customer journey map discussion and creation

By project technology pillars

Big Data
Evaluation and review of existing data sources, data processing algorithms, and desired visualizations
Internet of Things
Review of existing/required sensors and devices; data sets and sources; requirements for the infrastructure
Required infrastructure and cloud-based services; vendor and deployment model selection
Platform | Review of existing data sources, new data sources, internal and external data enrichment sources, identification of volume, variety, and velocity of data features

Key principles

We are your team of experts with a unique synergy

True partner approach

Our deep experience makes us more than a technology supplier: we help our clients find the best business models and monetization approaches, create business cases, and ROI plans.

IP rights protection

Our agreements state that the source code and IP rights received belong to the customer. No license fees.

Open processes

We adhere to the principles of open communication, transparent reports on project status and frequency of deliverables. The product manager or customer project manager becomes part of the team.

Cost control

We control the budget and track delivery dates accurately throughout the project.

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