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We help companies build cloud-based systems:

Service value

  • Develonica Cloud Services are a set of offerings for Enterprises, ISVs and startups to help them successfully implement their cloud strategy on cloud platforms
  • Develonica Cloud Services are applicable to companies who are planning to create new products in the cloud (Startups, ISVs), who migrate their existing products (ISVs) and who are thinking about the new ways to reach their customers (B2C enterprises)
  • The unique value of Develonica Cloud Services is that they can be used at any point of software lifecycle – from ideation and prototyping to pre-launch and post-launch of the Product
  • Develonica has been successfully delivering software solutions of various complexity and on different platforms for over 15 years

Develonica Cloud Services include five logical steps, or phases, covering the entire cloud product lifecycle and conveniently named from A to E: Architecture, Business, Commercialize, Development, and Execution:

A. Architecture

During the Architecture phase we help you design the architecture of the product to be developed in the cloud. Main activities include: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) planning, technology selection, architecture design, collection of functional and non-functional requirements, integration with third-party services (billing, provisioning, monitoring, etc.), additional component design – backup/recovery, data migration/conversion, etc. We also help the customer estimate the cost of the cloud platform resources for your product.

Note: For the companies that have already moved their product to the cloud, the Architecture Session consists of the Product architecture review and recommendations on architecture changes/improvements.

B. Business

During the Business phase, we help you define your Business Model from the corporate point of view, identify the key components of the model and how transformation to the SaaS will impact your organization and key processes, including development, testing, support, sales, marketing, and budgeting.

Note: For the companies that have already moved their product to the cloud, the Business session consists of the Business model review and recommendations on the model changes/improvements.

C. Commercialize

At the Commercialize session, we continue to develop your Business Model and help you define the product monetization strategies, establish marketing and delivery channels, and integrate with the relevant local and global third-party services.

Note: For the companies that have already moved their product to the cloud, the Architecture session consists of the Commercial model review and recommendations on the model changes/improvements.

D. Development

The Development phase is based on the deliverables from the Architecture Session. Here we implement the MVP or the incremental version of the Product and help you launch it as a SaaS solution. At this phase, we also define and conduct a set of load tests to understand the types of loads the app can handle, define the scalability rules, reveal the system bottlenecks and find how much load the application can handle and plan how it will recover/scale.

E. Execution

The Execution phase starts right after the successful launch of the cloud product. Here we provide services that will help you with day-by-day operations, product health monitoring, workload analysis, and cost and performance optimization. At this phase, we also conduct periodical (quarterly) roadmap synchronization meetings.

Key principles

We are your team of experts with a unique synergy

True partner approach

Our deep experience makes us more than a technology supplier: we help our clients find the best business models and monetization approaches, create business cases, and ROI plans.

IP rights protection

Our agreements state that the source code and IP rights received belong to the customer. No license fees.

Open processes

We adhere to the principles of open communication, transparent reports on project status and frequency of deliverables. The product manager or customer project manager becomes part of the team.

Cost control

We control the budget and track delivery dates accurately throughout the project.

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