A major generic medicine company in Central Europe operating in all the segments of the pharmaceutical value chain.


During a pandemic, part of the employees work remotely as others come into the office. Our customer with over During the COVID-19 pandemic, some employees work remotely, while others still come to the office. One of our customers with over 4,000 staff members requested Develonica to build a parking app for those traveling to work by car. 


We used Power Apps for Teams to quickly develop custom business applications that connect to the aggregated data stored in the platform’s backend. The customer’s employees can now book parking spots near the office via a mobile or web application. The app has some advanced features such as VIP booking for senior management and access to parking spots with charging devices for electric cars. The system works in two clicks. You register your license plate number with the app. Then the system suggests a time slot and a parking spot to be selected. 

The reception and security staff monitor the booking process and access to the parking lot.


Our customer’s idea turned out to be brilliant. There’s no need to circle the parking lot looking for a vacant spot anymore. Unlike receptionists who book parking spots manually, the new system never makes any mistakes. 

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