Founded in 2005, INRIX pioneered traffic management by analyzing data from vehicles as well as road sensors. INRIX delivers innovative products for the automotive and transportation industries, such as real-time parking and traffic information products, along with solutions that facilitate the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles.


In 2008, INRIX was looking for a partner to solve complex engineering challenges for route optimization. Develonica quickly provided a concept and built a prototype. This project was the start of a long-term collaboration.


Develonica has built a set of innovative applications and services dealing with traffic data:

  • Trips and Population Rates
  • Route optimization
  • Traffic analysis
  • Weather alerts on the roads

Develonica also built a big data solution for the Trips and Population Rate application to analyze GPS and cell phone signals, calculate routes, and provide demographic information.


INRIX now runs the most comprehensive network for drivers in the world. It includes 275 million cars, smartphones, cameras and other devices, with the ability to cover more than 5 million miles of road in 40 countries. Develonica’s team helped reduce the effort and cost to operate the network, to process maps and data. The solution from Develonica worked to improve the process of creating new applications to automate key business processes.

Develonica as a software development partner empowers INRIX with a strong focus on quality and productivity. We work successfully with Develonica to develop INRIX services, which help us attend to 450 customers in 60 countries around the world.

Mark Daymond, CTO, INRIX

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