A Swedish multinational company that provides hardware, software, and services in the information and telecommunications sector. 


Existing Asset Management system requires constant modification to extend its capabilities for new hardware Our client had a long history of collaboration with Softline AG (part of Softline Group) to develop and support backend systems. The company decided to outsource its Hardware Asset Management system (laptops, servers, and office equipment) to Develonica.


Develonica modified the asset management system and the portal during the project by adding more data, a new user interface, and an asset disposition report extension.

The project consisted of four stages:

  • Addition of support for mobile equipment accounting;
  • Addition of a feature for scheduled decommissioning;.
  • Modifications to the process of sending out automatic equipment accounting notes;
  • Debugging.

The main challenge was that the client asked for modifications to an existing custom product. 


Our client was impressed with the speed and quality of the Develonica team’s work, so future business automation contracts are now in the pipeline. 

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