Telefónica, a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is one of the world’s largest telephone operators and mobile network providers. It deals with fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, and TV channel subscriptions in Europe and the Americas.


The company needed an effective solution for processing anonymized big data on customer behavior. 


Develonica provided a comprehensive service for the analysis and processing of call logs. Based on its own Big Data Platform, Develonica built a solution that fully met the customer’s expectations and added even more value by expanding the operator’s service offerings.


The new system supplies a variety of analytical outputs such as the number of users at a location/time, their trips and routes associated with the date, time, or an event, travel statistics (by air, train, or car), downtime, and mobile service breakdowns. Develonica’s Big Data solution has the following features:

  • Monitoring the quality of mobile customer service;
  • Identification of low signal areas;
  • Assistance in fraud detection and prevention;
  • Generation of social reports on users;
  • Tracking users’ movement;
  • Traffic monitoring at tourist and vacation spots;
  • Analysis of callers’ movement within a specific area.

Telefonica’s big data insights have significantly improved its customer engagement. Develonica’s solution has boosted company loyalty and customer retention.

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