The world’s first Sales and Marketing platform to intelligently engage customers with relevant multimedia digital content.


We get a lot of online and social media content. So much marketing material wastes the client’s feeling of In a world overflown with impersonal web marketing messages, companies are eager to advertise in a more intelligent way. Our client needed a flexible tool to quickly generate and publish focused content for its customers. 


A SaaS platform that aims to personalize communications with consumers with the help of digital content and analytics. The system provides enterprises and startups with new ways to engage with marketing experts and attract new customers.

Develonica has built the platform using Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies such as Azure Web Apps, Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Active Directory.


The SaaS platform built by the Develonica team meets the most stringent technology and business standards.

The new system empowers enterprises and startups to deliver personalized digital content to the end customer via a fast and user-friendly online constructor featuring video, images, text, and more.

Users can also rate the performance of the advertised items in real time: the platform provides clear stats and analytics of marketing data (you can track the number of views, conversions, clicks, and shares).

The digital sales engagement provider has already got its first customers using the new platform. We are looking forward to feedback and an opportunity to continue working on this project.

Empower your business today with Develonica!

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