One of the oldest printing houses in Eastern Europe specializes in the production of diaries and calendars and is mostly focused on export.


Printing house tracked the employees’ working hours by processing data from employee badges scanned at the entrance/exit to the factory. It also registered the movement of employees from one factory area to another. 

Now, some of the employees work remotely, so the customer needed a simple time-tracking application that would allow these employees to track the start and end of the workday, as well as the breaks during the day.


Develonica team have built a corporate system for remote working employees time tracking. 

The system has the following functionality:

Remote workers can mark the start and end of the workday, as well as breaks during the day just in one click.

Managers can browse the weekly reports of employees and approve or decline them. Once approved, the system creates Excel files that can be imported into the corporate accounting system.

Develonica also implemented an additional service for remote workers to form vacation requests. After sending the request, the employee’s manager either approves or rejects it. Approved requests are then imported (in Excel format) into the corporate accounting system.

Since the application generates the data for import into the corporate accounting system, this eliminates the need of updating the accounting system. The data about employees, their place of work (office/home) and the company’s organizational structure are taken from Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Teams. 


The solution automates the time tracking process for the customer, which has increased the employee discipline, time tracking transparency and convenience. The system provides the customer with up-to-date and transparent data on the attendance/absence of employees at a remote workplace. These data can be imported into accounting system and allow company’s management to measure / compare each employee performance.

For Develonica team, the project provided an impressive proof of how easy to create applications on the Microsoft Power Apps platform and to deploy applications and provide access to employee data via Microsoft Teams.

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