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The engineering company equipment operators perform a few routine tasks every day: 

  • manually inspecting the condition of the equipment before the start of the shift and recording the inspection results in pre-printed forms. They put down into paper the start time of the shift, the current state of the equipment and the sensor readings.
  • Making equipment photos on their smartphones and then sending files to the supervisor via WhatsApp. 

Supervisors enter data from printed forms in Microsoft Excel and prepare reports on the use of equipment and possible problems.

These reports take a lot of time to prepare, and as a result, they are behind schedule and cause delays in the work of employees in other units. According to customer managers, an average delay was more than 12 hours. 

In this regard, they needed to develop a solution that will optimize the working time of operators, supervisors, and auditors.


There are two applications developed for different roles inside equipment monitoring business process – for operators and for supervisors / auditors.

For equipment operators Develonica experts built a mobile application to automate data collection about mining equipment status, malfunctions and working time tracking.

The mobile application sends the collected data to the database, which uses it to generate reports.

The solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Employee sign-in by username and password.
  • Keeping records of shift start and end times.
  • Entering the results of equipment condition inspection before shift start and during the shift.
  • Recording any faults detected in the equipment that prevent operators from starting or continuing work.
  • Uploading images of detected equipment malfunctions.
  • Shift event logging.
  • Registration of final equipment operating time based on counter readings.
  • End of shift record.

The application collects data even when in offline mode and synchronizes with the database when connected to the network.

The second application is designed for the supervisors and auditors:

Supervisors assign equipment to each operator to start work, view record history, send information, and track progress throughout the day from desktop computers connected to the Internet.

Auditors can download any record for audit purposes.

The application makes it possible to view data sent by equipment operators, generate reports, and visualize data using graphs and charts.


The implemented solution allowed equipment operators to get rid of paperwork by entering all data into the system thus minimize data errors and speed up report generation significantly. Supervisors now have access to the equipment data as soon as it arrives to the database and can quickly make decisions regarding equipment and workforce relocation. 

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