General Electric Healthcare (GEHC) is a world leader in health care, diagnostic imaging technology, and performance. It operates in more than 100 countries.


Selling high-end medical machines such as MRI scanners involves an arduous step-by-step setup, customization of numerous system features, providing data on spare parts, and support. Sales staff required a tool to simplify the setup process and make it more reliable.


Cobra, a sales support system for General Electric Healthcare built by Develonica, provides product information, ensures an error-free product setup, and helps prepare sales proposals.


Cobra Field Sales Support has been used by around 80 GE Healthcare offices in Europe and Asia. ‚ÄčThis initiative triggered a long-term partnership between GE Healthcare and Develonica. Over seven years, Develonica has delivered more than 30 projects for GE Healthcare’s three departments. Its services included the design and development of software, including server-side and web-based development, UI design, product location, legacy data migration, and testing.

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