A software company dealing with innovative enterprise-grade direct booking solutions for large hotel and restaurant chains.


With the advent of the pandemic, the company’s restaurant reservation services needed an upgrade to include:

  • digital menus;
  • contactless ordering;
  • contactless payment;
  • preorder and delivery support.


Our customer has received additional modules for the restaurant reservation service as follows:

  • Menu Manager, a menu editor that allows users to upload data from the POS, expand it with descriptions and images, and create a digital version of the menu for the mobile application.
  • Digital Order Manager, a system that shows all stages of order processing, from placing an order to cooking and delivery.

Develonica has designed these additional modules using Microsoft Visual Studio and Amazon Web Services.


The unique Menu Manager covers the full range of services from ordering to delivery. Unlike similar consumer products such as GrubHub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats, it can handle full menus with an abundance of dishes. 

Moreover, Menu Manager can be easily integrated with Oracle Simphony and a score of other POS systems via Omnivore, which means seamless and fast installation at almost any restaurant. 

Empower your business today with Develonica!

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