An American restaurant chain approached Develonica with a request for a mobile app to improve the quality of service.


The client initially wanted an app for bookings and orders only. Later, some additional features were added to his request and got into the final release.


The fast and versatile solution boasts the following features:

  • Online ordering from the menu to reduce the personnel’s workload.
  • Bonus points for scanning QR codes at restaurants can be exchanged for free meals. 
  • News and push notifications about new items on the menu, promotions, and restaurant locations.
  • Social contacts. App users can text their friends and get in touch with the management of local restaurants.
  • My Account. A website where users can check their account balance, view order history, customize payment preferences, and so on.


More than half of the chain’s loyal patrons prefer online ordering now, and its customer base has shown remarkable growth.

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