The founder of a U.S.-based healthcare startup asked us to develop an off-the-shelf telemedicine portal to connect mental/behavioural health professionals with their patients.


The video consultation system had to support virtual one-on-one service and group sessions, make online appointments and accept payments, and work with desktops/laptops and mobile devices as long as a camera was available.


Since such a system critically depends on reliable, secure, and accurate video, we decided to use a WebRTC-based video conferencing service for telehealth. This cost-effective solution used by companies such as Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Apple supports mobile devices and web browsers. It also has a relatively simple API.


An app that offers round-the-clock availability and works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. It enables patients to share their symptoms, get a consultation, get a diagnosis, and even receive a prescription or a list of lab tests needed. Because the app was intended for international use, it complies with the USA’s HIPAA, Canada’s PIPEDA, the European Union’s Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC, and the Electronic Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC.

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