Citation provides essential support in Human Resources, Employment Law, Health & Safety, ISO, and Staff Training to over 50,000  small and medium-sized businesses.


The company needed a secure integrated online platform to help clients plan and manage human resources, online training, e-learning, regulatory updates, and risk assessments.


Develonica has developed an employee law advisor portal for Citation with extensive features and tools for Develonica has developed Atlas, an employment law advisor portal for Citation with extensive features and tools for document editing and the generation of reporting/application forms. This scale-out solution powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud has a modular architecture and supports smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

System features:

  • Multi-user architecture;
  • Capacity for displaying and processing large volumes of formatted text content with a complex section-based (block-based) structure;
  • Capacity for processing and generating a large number of documents;
  • Database migration with high compatibility and no data loss;
  • Good performance on low-end mobile devices;
  • Offline access for mobile devices;
  • SPA architecture that provides a rich and interactive user experience.


Citation customers can now use Atlas to plan and manage employee resources, online training, eLearning, legislative changes, risk assessments, employee absence, and workloads in one place. Atlas provides different user levels so that the right people can access the right level of personal data. You can access it via cell phone, tablet, or PC 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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