Today, most pharmacies use off-the-shelf inventory management solutions and various kinds of health care software to facilitate routine operations. These products, however, hardly cover all the needs of the typical pharmacy. No comprehensive, user-friendly software is available to make a retail pharmacy more customer-centric and improve service. Our customer asked Develonica to close this gap with a flexible and scalable product.


The main technical challenges were to provide an integration gateway to various legacy systems, ensure high performance, and build a mobile app for Android. To address these tasks, we developed a proprietary data access framework with a flexible configuration that could connect to almost any data source. The framework is also powerful and resilient. The Android app built with Phone Gap can be readily migrated to other mobile platforms in the future.


The company now gets real-time data and operational reports for fast response to various business situations. Pharmacy employees receive complete information on their inventory and enjoy easy access to the client’s medical history. Customers have a great experience using the mobile app to access the pharmacy from anywhere in the country. Thanks to an efficient and flexible pricing framework, the SaaS app owner’s customer base grows faster than ever.


Our client now takes advantage of a turnkey solution that includes all the essential features needed by a pharmacy. The system has received positive feedback from numerous loyal customers. The solution’s superb performance translates into lower costs on hosting and maintenance and secures a growing customer base.

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