A US company needed software tools to enable better communication between healthcare professionals and improve their performance.


The customer, whose medical workers had to deal with a frustrating amount of unstructured medical data, wanted Develonica to build a Software-as-a-Service platform with a clean user interface for accurate and efficient collection, management, and use of clinical data.


The customer asked to develop the EHR platform from scratch using no open-source products. The platform had to support numerous connections and dependencies, as well as new features added later. To meet this request, we included a business analyst with experience in healthcare projects in the project team.

The project team used a modern microservices architecture approach to support future Web, iOS, Android, and desktop front-end applications without rewriting the backend code.


The new system operates with the necessary data collection forms and features straightforward dashboards for data management. It can also generate custom reports that reveal correlated trends at various stages of a patient’s treatment using Big Data algorithms and compare a particular clinical case with historical data on similar conditions.

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