The owner of a chain of private healthcare centres in the U.S.  


Overburdened with EHR tasks, physicians and nurses spent less time with patients and worked after hours. As a remedy, Develonica proposed to deploy a speech recognition system that would allow doctors to enter patient data faster and even do so during the checkups.


Develonica’s speech recognition system integrated with the client’s EHR has the following key features:

Voice input of text and numbers.

Voice commands for navigation within the system.

Automatic expansion of medical abbreviations and acronyms.

Ability to add additional dictionaries for medical specialties.

Ability to adapt to the voice of a particular medical professional.

The system’s first release included three main dictionaries (general medicine, pathology, and CT/MRI).

Each dictionary contained the data required by the system to recognize and process words related to the respective field. At the customer’s request, the system also features an open API for easier integration with other medical solutions.


The system reduced the time spent on paperwork by 23%. The result was particularly stunning with older physicians and nurses who lacked advanced computer skills. Also, the customer’s team found the system exceptionally user-friendly.

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