Develonica has provided solutions and services to the healthcare industry for almost a decade

All this time, our team has worked with OWASP and TrueSec to ensure compliance with cybersecurity standards in the field.

Develonica’s competence in healthcare solutions relies on a team of over 900 seasoned professionals.

Software development for healthcare

Bespoke solutions

We offer a full range of software development services, including full versions, prototyping, and add-on products. Our robust, user-friendly products meet or exceed all regulatory and industrial standards.

Third-party system integration

Microservices architecture enables seamless integration of our software with third-party solutions such as ERPs, health insurance databases, or HRM systems via APIs.

Secure data storage

Our cloud services are hosted by leading global providers such as AWS and Azure to guarantee compliance with GDPR/HIPAA.

Big Data and Analytics

We develop data collection, processing, and delivery solutions with a flexible and intuitive interface. Big data analytics using our software helps provide better medical care and improve the organisation’s performance.


EHR/EMR Systems

Develonica builds electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems for efficient data management and greater productivity.

Customer Service Portals

Our team develops software to optimise work with patients by managing appointments, maintaining records, and customising medical care. Such systems may sync with health-tracking wearable devices and sensors to remotely monitor the patient’s metrics and well-being.

Medical practice management

This software manages and optimises all the medical practice’s operational, financial, and clinical aspects.

Other solutions
  • Inventory management
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance claims management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Healthcare data analytics
  • Continuing medical education


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