A startup from the USA came up with an idea of a new cyber sports betting outlet with better odds and a decent profit for the operator.


The customer had competent experts to develop the external components but needed a seasoned mathematics-savvy development team to build an analytical system.


The customer wanted to test the idea first with an MVP of the betting platform. This product was delivered in two months, and the project went on.


Develonica delivered an analytical system that can process an enormous body of data related to the performance of teams and individual players, win/loss series, the results of games against teams, etc. The system can also recognize “unofficial” and misspelt names of players and clubs, so the results are as detailed as possible.

The analytics relevant to upcoming matches are provided to bookmakers to help them calculate the odds.

The project involved quite a few specific technical challenges. For instance, we had to optimise the search for information on a particular team or player in the vast database of 40K+ entries.

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