The client is a leading global investment bank with a solid and profitable private franchise network. It has over 78,000 employees who offer outstanding financial services in 70 countries worldwide.


The bank needed a tool to collect audiovisual information on its various offices as part of a hierarchical tree view of their location and generate reports on the office infrastructure.


Develonica has developed a management system powered by SharePoint that stores specific information on each real estate asset.

The user can work with product and asset hierarchies through a web browser, search, generate reports, batch update assets, and download data from an Excel input file. A tree view for navigation through the hierarchies provides a user-friendly web interface. The access privileges are role-defined.


The bank now has a tool for effective management of audiovisual information across its branches and representative offices in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The uniform software system was easy to deploy stage-by-stage across the entire bank’s affiliate network.

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