A fintech startup asked Develonica to build a mobile app for real-time payments under the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme.


The SEPA covers 36 countries and territories, including 28 EU member states. However, most EU banks are still struggling with the technical aspect of the initiative. The available APIs are still not mature enough for the robust protection of the banks’ internal systems.


Many banks fail to comply with RESTful API standards, nor do all banks have experts to debug interactions with their APIs. This increases the time it takes to integrate a new bank with our customer’s solutions.

To address this problem, our team has developed an intermediate layer, the API Gateway, which can connect to open APIs at external banks without affecting our client’s core system.

This backend application is a microservice that connects the APIs of European banks participating in the SEPA and provides a single API. Our client is planning to sell access to this single API on a SaaS basis.


Our solution has all the features needed by the client. The mobile app users can make instant payments, send, receive, or request money from any bank account in Europe as a matter of seconds with 24/7 availability. In addition, the app can also handle donations and fundraising. Users can send a prorated request for money to several people. Corporate entities can use the app to generate and send customer invoices.

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