A global insurance company (over €1.6 million revenue in 2016) operating in London (UK), Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw and California, USA, requested Develonica to second a group of experts who would reinforce its software development team, speed up system support and add some advanced user features.


To join the client’s in-house experts, our developers needed to learn a lot about the existing system fast, including its business logic, coding and standards.

Specifically, this SaaS platform can be customised to meet user requirements, which means adding any new features could disrupt the entire system.


Our team relied on the test-first approach that involved selenium, unit, and behavioural testing to make sure that customization would not harm any part of the monolith. Extensive code reviews helped improve the overall quality of code. Our developers used microservices architectures and refactoring whenever possible. They also fixed some critical bugs in the existing monolith code.


It took our team of 7 programmers and 2 QA-engineers just about 3 weeks to adapt and accomplish its mission.

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