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Our client decided to enhance the transparency of livestock transportation for all market participants. 

To do this, Develonica built a web-based infrastructure application that allows members of the transportation community to publish documents and photos concerning the shipment.


Develonica has developed an MVP service to improve livestock transportation logistics for the project. 

This application allows users to create the digital Transportation Plan and manage it through all the stages of the livestock journey by attaching documents and digital evidence (photos and videos) covering all transportation stages of the shipment, making the whole process open and transparent.visible.

This information is very important for all parties involved, including sellers, veterinarians, trading companies, transportation companies, logistics managers, resting farms,  buyers, as well as government bodies and regulators. 

Using this system makes the whole process transparent and allows to ensure the proper animals welfare on all stages of the shipment. 

For the project, we used Microsoft Azure for scalability, and Entity Framework to support a code-first approach and data storage flexibility, which will allow us to change the type of database storage if needed as we plan to extend the functionality of the application as well as to increase its scaling when required. 

We used Azure BLOB storage to keep documents and media files (photos and videos) that are attached to the Transportation plan and key milestones. 

The key project feature was allowing responsible persons to create and manage the configuring various scenarios of user interaction with the digital transport plan, automatic marking of all of the transportation stages – from start to ad from creation to completion, providing means to upload digital evidence for all stages of the livestock journey and allowing to view media files by responsible persons — and Develonica implemented it successfully.


Our customer’ breakthrough idea for the livestock transportation market successfully materialized due to Develonica’s expertise. The company’s partners approved the concept, and now the system is in the process of evaluation and further development. 

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