US Lead Lamb Meat Producer is a company that produces premium lamb meat. 


US Lead Lamb Meat Producer had been using Safe Alternative, a proprietary system to monitor the quality of its meat products. Unfortunately, the system fell short of tracking all the animals’ history and delivering these data to the end consumer at butcher shops and restaurants as evidence of excellence and sustainability. The company asked us to build a new advanced quality assurance platform. 


Develonica experts built the system and provided support and maintenance services for the project. 

The system tracks every animal throughout its life cycle. A unique alphanumeric ID number assigned to each lamb helps track its health and overall well-being.

The new system also monitors the lambs’ diet. The livestock feast on organic corn and hay tested for sufficient nutritious value. No growth hormones or antibiotics are added. Drinking water for the animals is periodically tested for purity. 

All these data are stored in the system to monitor livestock well-being and provide evidence on the high standards of raising the sheep to the end user.

The system includes three levels of access to information:

  • the overview level provides general information about the health status of the herd;
  • the medium level supplies data in greater detail (including nutrition reports,  data on the dosage of feed supplements, etc.);
  • the detailed level provides exhaustive information on livestock health, nutrition, and the raising environment.

The new system automatically puts a unique code on every package of meat before shipment to restaurants or stores to provide access to the entire history of the animal. 

A patron ordering a lamb dish at a restaurant can ask for a card with the code and ascertain that the animal was raised organically under humane conditions and the meat is indeed farm-to-table. 


The unique track-and-trace system developed in a record six months has great potential and can be easily scaled up to other companies and farms in the meat and dairy sector. 

Develonica has also proposed to build some additional services for end users: 

  • A service providing recipes for cuts of lamb.
  • A service suggesting complementary products for specific cuts.
  • A system demonstrating the geography of sales and consumption for marketing purposes. 

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