Terra NutriTECH Ireland is a global leader in precision mineral dosing for cattle farms. Its proprietary TERRA NutriTECH OPIS controller automates minerals dispensation, eliminating manual labor and human error. TERRA NutriTECH offers a fully managed system with tailor-made mineral solutions to meet the farm’s specific needs.


The automated Terra NutriTECH In Water OPIS Controller, developed earlier, was designed to add metered doses of minerals to any cattle drinking water system. Unfortunately, the system turned out to have numerous flaws. The customer sought a dependable contractor to make the gear perfect. Develonica won the contract and discovered that the system failed to meet the stated performance criteria and needed to be completely revamped. 


Terra NutriTECH In Water OPIS Controller powered by Develonica is an automated mineral system used to Mineral supplementation through water is often the most effective way to provide vital nutrition when it is needed most. Terra NutriTECH In Water OPIS Controller powered by Develonica is an automatic mineral dosing system for any water line. It is designed to account for variations in water consumption, ensuring precision liquid mineral supplementation for animals through water systems or TMR feeding wagons (see OPIS In Feed Controller). A customized mineral blend solution is produced following an analysis of feed from the farm and cattle blood tests for minerals. The controller system created by Develonica has many valuable features:

  • Fully automated dispensation of mineral supplements to drinking water.;
  • Advanced algorithms to ensure precise dosing of minerals;
  • Up to six mineral blends can be used for different groups of cattle.

In case a mobile app has also been developed which can be used to remotely control the mineral dosages of the In this case, the dosage of minerals added to water can be controlled remotely with a mobile app.


Develonica built a turnkey solution that included a web-portal, controller, and mobile application. The comprehensive approach produced a system highly demanded by the livestock industry. The electronic OPIS controller system dispenses a precise daily dose of these supplements through the water system. By more accurate and consistent application of minerals, the animals receive their required daily dosage. This precision improves animal health and helps farms become more profitable, reduce waste, lower emissions, and reduce labor. Water consumption is closely monitored, and alarms sound in the case of leaks, making the system an efficient water conservation tool on any farm.

Develonica is the most helpful, responsive, and dedicated development company we’ve ever worked with. Every time we are in need of an additional feature or modification to the solution, they are always there to help out!

Padraig Hennessy, CEO, Terra Nutritech

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