An US-based agricultural technology startup approached Develonica on the recommendation of another customer as a diligent and reliable company never exceeding the agreed budget.

The customer needed an app to connect farmers and labourers. The MVP built by Develonica helped the startup attract investors and boost its business.


No advanced electronic platform existed to match farmers’ requirements with appropriate manpower in terms of skills, remuneration and local availability.

This issue could be handled by setting up a network of employers and labourers for full real-time visibility of jobs and manpower available. In due course, the customer hoped to expand this system throughout the U.S.


Our team suggested a full development cycle including design, business and technical consultations and tests on the system.

We started the project by reviewing the client’s expectation to estimate the cost of the platform. The next stage resulted in a mock-up to be demonstrated to investors, which helped raise enough funds to develop an MVP and a package of additional features. The product was delivered on schedule, and Develonica stayed within the approved budget.

Following a successful release of the app to the stores, our team continued to work on the project.

Using Laravel and React frameworks as a source of ready-made code and features, , our engineers managed to save about 100 hours of work time and develop a web version of the application as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The new system seamlessly connects agricultural employers with farmhands. It featured two user roles.

Recruiters in need of additional labour can post job offers and search for qualified candidates in real time.

Labourers looking for work can apply online and post resumes visible to potential employers.

The app allows people to sign up and use both roles within one account. The client insisted on this feature because agricultural employment is such a special field.


It took Develonica about six months to build and deliver the solution. Since then, the number of the startup’s active users has grown by 113% to about 2,000. Farmers and labourers alike highly appreciate the opportunity to connect in real time and greatly facilitate the hiring process.

the app's screen of marketplace for farmers

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