A client from Israel asked Develonica to build a custom knowledge system to supply detailed crop-specific information, particularly on the right amount of fertiliser, pesticides, and other chemicals.


Our client wanted a solution to work with a mammoth database covering hundreds of crops that needed a variety of growing conditions. The system had to devise custom programs for each cultivar using data on the plant, soil type, water analysis, ambient temperature, fertiliser types, and so on. This platform would be indispensable to farmers operating greenhouses with sophisticated irrigation and fertilisation systems. The client also wanted it to display a large amount of statistical data including special charts, dashboards and more.


Develonica was dealing with the frontend of the system (dashboards displaying statistical data). Our .NET developers chose Angular to power all dynamic views in this system. This framework creates statistical dashboards in no time; moreover, it allows us to finish the job on time without exceeding the budget.


The customer enjoys a powerful application with user-friendly statistics dashboards, developed on a tight schedule.

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