A leading European smart device manufacturer sought to improve product quality and optimise the backend.


One of the client’s products is a smart flower pot whose built-in sensors track humidity, light, temperature, and sun exposure to provide users with focused growing tips.

The solution in place worked fine for individual users but failed to cope with the workload from thousands of devices.


Our main challenge was to boost the processing power of the application so it could handle data sent every 15 seconds from 6,000 pots at the farm and provide year-round statistics.

To make this possible, the company built a new API for large farms. The system employs mass data transfer to report and process large amounts of information and relies on direct queries rather than ORM to optimise memory usage. The standardised database is now updated only in the required fields. We also used database sharing to speed up information processing.


User request processing time has dropped from 30 to 7 seconds, while server usage costs have gone down by more than 80%, from $8,000 to $1,200 per month.

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