Develonica helps water, gas, electricity and other utility companies to increase productivity by monitoring their assets, predicting maintenance requirements and managing field teams more effectively.

Predictive maintenance

Many companies already use telemetry to monitor their assets, but in most cases the data is used to report on events in the past. By displaying data in real time, Develonica’s solutions allow companies to move from reporting to alerting, enabling them to respond more rapidly to malfunctions and reduce the time required to fix them. Clever analysis of data allows companies to take this approach one step further and use predictive maintenance to reduce costs, manage service crews more effectively and ensure the highest level of client support.

Optimising workforce load

The average field team serves only around 10% of assets, according to industry data. To react properly to alerts and predictive maintenance suggestions, the team should be able to cover as much as possible in any given time and have the right parts, tools and know-how. Develonica’s sophisticated software not only monitors the status of your assets in real time, but also the whereabouts of your field teams, their equipment and their workload.

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