By collecting real-time traffic data, analysing movement patterns and predicting congestion, Develonica software helps make journeys more comfortable and cost-effective. Our analytics and modelling tools are used by leading transport and logistics businesses, as well as governments and others seeking insights for strategic planning purposes.

Traffic flows and delays

With a vast range of different sources now offering real-time traffic information, many people will be familiar with the coloured lines depicting traffic layers such as those on Google Maps. However by analysing these enormous data reserves, we can identify exactly where the bottlenecks are and even predict how the whole road network will be affected if a blockage is removed or a new blockage appears. As new data sources appear, there is scope to provide new and innovative services for different industries and public bodies.

Insights into travel patterns

Analysis of traffic data provides a high definition picture of travel patterns for the entire population - an invaluable strategic planning tool which can help public transport providers to optimise routes, retailers to identify the best store locations and public bodies making decisions on infrastructure and disaster planning.

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