Holstein UK – Software Systems Modernisation and Development

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Holstein UK is Europe's largest independent breed society. It offers a range of services to the dairy farming industry targeted at improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein breed.


Holstein UK's strategic aim was to completely rebuild the web environment, including the Holstein UK, CIS and CDI websites.

Develonica was challenged to build online platforms that would allow the farmers to control their cattle more efficiently with mobile apps and a cattle app for herd management.

The sites had to be able to process big data. Holstein wanted the websites and apps to be user-friendly, easy to approach and modern in design, and to give farmers the tools to be more productive and make their professional lives easier.


Holstein UK's online platforms use Develonica custom-designed technology to process big data. The Integration of the Orchard CMS platform makes it easy to publish new content and keep existing content up to date, and gives websites a modern and user-friendly view.

​​Each site has a portal with limited access (paid or free) for different groups of farmers, increasing user’s security.


The websites are designed and developed to the high requirements that Holstein UK expected. These sites support the company's reputation as a leading agribusiness that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive animal husbandry services.

​​Develonica continues to collaborate with Holstein UK on projects that include backend application development, mobile applications, and personal account support.

Develonica is a true technology and innovation partner of Holstein UK association.

Peter Martin

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