High volume data processing platform

Develonica has provided comprehensive mobile event log analytics and processing services to a mobile operator


A global business division of a telecoms giant, headquartered in London. Provides digital technologies focused on areas such as connected machines, big data, security, cloud, and open web.


The company was looking for an efficient solution to process large volumes of information on subscribers activities. All the data had to be anonymized, subscriber IDs are used instead of subscriber details.


Based on its proprietary Big Data Platform, Develonica developed a data processing solution that fully answered the client requirements and even added additional value expanding the operator’s service range.


Develonica team helped the client to obtain various analytical results such as the amount of people in particular place/time, their trips and routes depending on the date, time or specific event, travel statistics (by airplanes, trains, automobiles), mobile network downtimes and malfunctions. Among others, Develonica’s Big Data solution has the following capabilities:
  • Control over the quality of mobile subscriber services;
  • Detection of zones with poor mobile communication quality;
  • Fraud prevention assistance;
  • Creation of social charts of subscribers;
  • Collection of aggregated data based on subscriber movements;
  • Traffic at tourist attractions and recreation sites;
  • Analysis of subscriber travel within a certain area and more…

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