Digital Sales Engagement Provider – Large-scale digital marketing platform


The world’s first Sales and Marketing engagement platform to intelligently engage customers with relevant multi-modal, multimedia digital content.


We get a lot of online and social media content. So much marketing material wastes the client's feeling of individuality, but nevertheless companies tend to achieve it. Our сlient needed the most flexible tool to quickly generate and publish personalized content for their customers.


A SaaS platform was developed that aims to transform interaction with consumers with personalized connections and digital content integration and analytics. The system provides new ways to engage with marketing experts to help enterprises and startups to attract new customers.
Develonica has built a SaaS platform based on Microsoft Azure cloud technologies, including Azure Web Apps, Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Active Directory and others, using Azure DevOps Services.


The SaaS platform creation brings a lot of technical as well as business requirements, and as a result it becomes a challenging project for the Develonica development team.
The SaaS service empowers enterprises and startups to deliver personalized digital content to the end customer fast and easy via online-constructor with different types of content: video, graphic images, text, etc.
Also, users can real-time rate the performance of presentation items, as the platform has clear stats and analytics of marketing data (you can track the views, conversions, clicks, sharings of materials).
Digital Sales Engagement Provider has already got its first customers. So that means we have an excellent chance to get feedback and continue building the App.