Development of a Microsoft SharePoint-based Benchmarking Tool

With Develonica’s assistance, this leading company compares its products, services, and practices against its toughest competitors, turning gaps into opportunities
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The company is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and provision of steam and thermal energy management solutions. They have a global network of over 1,300 dedicated industry engineers in 34 different countries, and over 100 years of experiencein the industry.


Development of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 based projects for internal and external web sites for this company. They are aimed at information gathering on both the company's own and their competitors' steam equipment. The purpose of developing this system is to provide a convenient and simple way to support up-to-date data and report generation.


For this company, Develonica has developed the Competitor Tool, allowing them to keep both their own and their competitor’s product information in SharePoint document libraries and custom lists. It also allows for implementation of data filtering and generation of two types of reports:
  • the first type of reports are useful for demonstrating range coverage, gaps and overlaps;
  • the second can be used to show the coverage provided by a whole field, instead of splitting the details into individual products.


The system allows for weaknesses identification within an organization and improving upon them, with the idea of becoming the "best of the best". The benchmarking tool helps managers to find gaps in performance and turn them into opportunities for improvement, as well as is providing a convenient and simple way to support up-to-date data and report generation.

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