Develonica (previously known as Aplana) is among Clutch top 1000 service providers

Develonica Clutch Top 1000

According to Clutch analytical agency, Develonica (previously known as Aplana Software Services) is among TOP-1000 leading service companies..

After analyzing customer reviews, team experience, client list, industry recognition and market presence, the analytical agency (USA) has identified the top 1000 service companies, and Develonica (previously known as Aplana Software Services) is among them. The company combines deep business expertise in digital transformation of business, its own pool of digital platforms and products, as well as world-class services for development and integration of digital solutions.

Softline Holding, a leading global provider of IT solutions and services, acquired the software development outsourcing business from the Aplana Group on November 2, 2020 and launched Develonica as a separate brand. After the transaction, the number of Softline's employees engaged in custom development increased to 500. In this manner Softline consolidates its competencies in custom software development and becomes a notable player in its key markets, including BRICS, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, also expanding the geography of projects and obtaining customers in the USA, Ireland, Great Britain and other countries.

The custom software development business of Aplana was established if 2000. The team has strong expertise in all major technology stacks (including Microsoft), as well as proven competencies in a number of promising verticals, such as finance, telecom, manufacturing, fuel and energy, transportation, agriculture, and others. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.