Develonica renders services on introduction of search solutions based on Google Search Appliance, Microsoft Fast Search and Sphinx.

About the solutions

Google Search Appliance

The hardware-software complex intended for information search in various types of documents. Provides support of more than 220 file formats and 190 languages, processes billions of documents in seconds.

Among the advantages of the solution besides speed and convenience, universality and scalability can be noted. Search on any data sources (databases, sites) is possible, work with corporate applications is supported, and the number of users and documents is not limited due to the possibility of cluster solutions. The team of department of information systems development possesses unique in the market of these services skills and competences in introduction of Google Search Appliance.

Microsoft Fast Search

Widespread, high-performance, made infrastructure solution. Is a combination of search platform advantages with a low cost of owning. Allows to use various search modes under different tasks – for example, search of a exact geographical place or department. It is perfect for internal corporate search in systems based on SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition.


It is an instrument of full text search for databases contents. It is integrates into client applications. Advantages and distinctive features of Sphinx search engine is the confirmed ability of work with really large data sets and the high speed of indexation. The largest known cluster indexes to 3 000 000 000 documents and supports more than 50 million requests per day.

Benefits that you will perceive:

  • Opportunity to carry out search in all sources of information at once: in Internet resources, in a corporate network and even on the computer;
  • Opportunity to get relevant search results in an evident and convenient look.

Use scenarios:

  • Online stores. In this case from that, how quickly and easily the buyer can find the needed to him goods, the commercial success of the organization often depends.
  • Information and news portals. Information portals of the state and commercial organizations (for example, administrations of the cities) are a huge storage of information and a large number of visitors of the resource, trying to find the necessary materials for themselves.
  • Corporate storages, libraries and archives. Not always it is possible to structure internal library of documents accurately, in which it will be easy to find the concrete document. Built-in search mechanisms solve this problem easily.

Having a wide experience of introduction of similar solutions, we always carefully analyze the current infrastructure of the customer and tasks which should to be solved, then we recommend to use this or that search mechanism.