About solution

SalesForce – the American company-developer of cloud applications and the founder of the eponymous Customer Relationship Management System recognized as number 1 in the world.

The most popular of the presented solutions of SalesForce in Russia:

  • Sales Cloud – CRM System No. 1; the solution for automation, control and analytics of the sales process.
  • Cloud Service – the solution for automation of processing and service of clients’ requests.
  • Chatter – a cloudy corporate chat.
  • Force.com – a platform for development of corporate applications.

Sales Cloud CRM solutions, Cloud Service and Chatter can be called universal, they are used by more than in 100 000 companies. These applications have no strongly pronounced branch specific, due to the flexibility of settings and breadth of functionality.

Implementation of Sales Cloud and its rework with our help will provide you with:

  • + 27% – growth of sales;
  • + 34% – increase in customer satisfactions;
  • + 25% – increase in productivity of managers;
  • + 28% – increase in customer retention;
  • + 36% – the saved means on technical support;
  • + 44% – increase in controllability of business processes.

That we will do for you:

  1. Creation of effective system for customer relationship management by:
    • rework and setup of standard modules of SalesForce solutions;
    • development of individual solutions based on the Force.com platform.
  2. Data migration and integration of SalesForce solutions with external and internal systems of the client, including with 1C.
  3. Implementation and integration of CRM System with IP-telephony.
  4. Development, implementing and setting of the monitoring of efficiency of loyalty programs.

Brief overview of functionality of Sales Cloud CRM

  • The interface The interface represents some tabs – information blocks which contain maximum of necessary information about counterparties in an evident form, transactions and the general situation in sales department.
  • «Contacts» and «organizations» Unified storage of information about all companies and contact persons with the built-in and flexibly customizable "reports" and "tools" blocks. Cards of contact persons and the organizations are made by the principle of social networks, with the usual to many news line and with customizable display of the last and/or key activities.
  • «Potential transactions» Thanks to this tab there is a possibility to control all information about future transactions, including probability, stages (in a cycle of sales), timing, the sums and so on.
  • «Reports» In the field it is possible to create and customize practically any reports.
  • «Monitoring dashboards» This tab displays the chosen reports in an evident graphic form. Here it is possible to track quickly changes in a sales funnel, number of transactions and other important indicators. It is especially appreciated by the heads of departments and divisions.
  • «Forecasts» Display of all potential transactions in a context of months and the sums.
  • «Chatter/tape» «Chatter» is a corporate social network. The part of the independent Chatter application is used in Sales Cloud system.
  • «Files» It is possible to store all necessary materials in this section: documents, images, video, links, etc.