WebCenter Sites

About the solution

WebCenter Sites is intended for creation and integrated management of web sites. Is a part of a line of Oracle Customer Experience.

We create the multifunction sites intended for automation of all life cycle of operation with Internet resources, including a content creation, integration with social networks, targeting and content optimization for individual groups of target audience, on the basis of WebCenter Sites.

Key functional capabilities

Ease in creation and management of sites and their contents:

  • Opportunity to organize administration of a large number of sites and large volumes of information.
  • Modern and intuitively clear interface with a set of easy-to-use tools for creation and administration of a content, and design development also.

Deep analytics:

  • Providing of analytical information for the subsequent optimization of marketing activities and increase of attractiveness of the site.
  • The analytics of visitors and a personal content formation can be carried out in real time.
  • Analytics of opinions and reputation in a network.

26% of the client, having a negative experience will write about it in social networks where hundreds or thousands of their friends will see this news and can take it into account.

Flexibility, mobility and adaptability:

  • The sites centralized management, adapted under different types of mobile devices.
  • Integration with more than 20 social networks – for multi-channel content -marketing; possibility of users authentication by means of social networks.
  • Possibility of integration with CRM systems, electronic commerce, ECM and portal applications from Oracle.

48% of clients use mobile devices for access the products and services.
70% income growth thanks to information personalization on a site.

Customer focus:

  • The functionality, allowing to realize segmentation of clients and automation of process of representation of the content that meets their needs.
  • Possibility for external users to create content: to participate in inquiries, to leave comments, ratings, etc.
  • Possibilities for users to form their own representation of a site i.e. to disconnect these or those widgets. Such a high level of interactivity promotes loyalty and regular use of a resource.

Benefits that you will perceive:

  • New clients Involvement and loyalty increase to a brand through the introduction of the system of personal and, meanwhile, multi-channel service of the customer in the Internet.
  • Time and financial costs reduce of the company through the possibility of centralized management of hundreds of sites.
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites gives the opportunities for business development thanks to the flexibility and scalability, and also ample opportunities on integration with other corporate technologies to involve customers.

WebCenter Content

About the solution

We create systems for information management, based on WebCenter Content product: electronic documents and digital assets, and also access to this information at all stages of its life cycle.

WebCenter Content is included in the Oracle WebCenter complex of products and a line of solutions of Customer Experience.

Key functional capabilities:

  • Support of a versioning of documents (content);
  • Implementation of documents life cycle;
  • Extensive search capabilities in a corporate content;
  • Elimination of documents doubles;
  • Separation of an operational and archive content;
  • Demarcation of access rights according to the roles. Each user can have several roles;
  • Possibility of embedding of the digital signature;
  • Access from mobile devices, through web, from Microsoft applications;
  • Drag and drop files between folders, viewing directly from Windows Explorer, change of the document card, search of the appropriate document;
  • Operation and discussion with employees about 400 types of files, including CAD models, graphics, pdf, in real time;
  • The multifunction converter of files / images for different tasks. Possibility to use water signs, change colors, etc. in images; complete support of flash; html conversion based on templates; support of various audio formats.

Benefits that you will perceive:

  • Increase in speed and efficiency of work with documents;
  • Simplification of collaboration between employees;
  • Automation of business processes for operation with documents (content), including opportunities for creation of documents flow system;
  • High level of security: data security, encoding;
  • Scaling and fail safety;
  • Extensive integration capabilities, including in existing company infrastructure.

WebCenter Portal

About the solution

WebCenter Portal is an integration solution, which solves problems of fragmentation of information, allowing to bring it together from various sources (systems and applications) and to provide it to the user in an evident form. WebCenter Portal is included in the Oracle WebCenter complex of products and a line of solutions of Customer Experience.

We create the full-fledged environment or a workspace for interaction of users as among themselves, so with applications and with a content, on the basis of WebCenter Portal.

The functional capabilities:

Fast creation of flexibly set up portals and sites

  • Creation of ready workspaces in scales of department, workgroup and companies, without over financial and labor costs.
  • Personalized data panels, with customizable "under itself", allow to save time of each employee on search and on an information access, and also to increase efficiency on places.

Tools for internal corporate interaction

  • Extension of standard features of applications and systems, due to the social services adapted under the company. Wicki-resources, blogs, RSS-feeds, forums, tags, social networks and activity tapes – all these services are easily integrate in applications, simplify and accelerate the interaction.

Full functionality for management of a corporate content

  • Thanks to integration with the Oracle WebCenter Content related solution, through WebCenter Portal access to a single storage of content is provided, there is a possibility to publish content from any other web-resource and also possibility to manage all life cycle of documents.

Benefits that you will perceive:

  • Increase of business productivity, thanks to creation of intuitively clear working environment for the collaboration, providing easy access to necessary information;
  • Financial and labor costs minimization (including IT experts) on deployment of portal solutions through a set of ready modules and templates;
  • Extensive integration capabilities, including in existing company infrastructure.