About the solution

Oracle Commerce is the product accumulating in a set of different marketing tools and allowing to provide personalized customer service at all points of interaction with them, including: Internet, mobile devices, social networks, normal shops, contact centers, etc.

Advantage which you will feel:

Oracle Commerce solves key problems of any company: increase in number of clients, profit and average check.

What is unique about the product?

Oracle Commerce allows to manage content, marketing and client experience in a complex, delivering relevant offers to the right clients and in the right time.

The solution works on the principle of multichannel. It looks as follows: the access to information, to the range of goods or company services will be available to the client irrespective of his location and channels of sales. That is purchase process is flexible and convenient: it can begin online, for example, in a social network or on a site, and end up in shop or service office. In other words "offline" point of sales in real time always is aware of what happens to the client in the "online" and vice versa. All this allows the company to increase knowledge about the client, offering him the most suitable goods and services and improving quality of service, and the client becomes more loyal to the company in turn.

Key functional capabilities

The personalized approach to each client

Oracle Commerce allows to analyze the previous consumer experience of the client, both online, and offline, to realize segmentation of clients automatically and to turn it into personalization. Customer should only go on a company site to begin interaction process. With each step the system will offer the most relevant information, flexibly reacting to needs of the client, precisely foreseeing and managing them.

Any page of the Internet site of the company, whether it is online store or a site of the financial organization, it will consist of information on goods and services "suitable" for each specific client, based on his needs.

Wide marketing tools and the best world practices in the field of online merchandising are put in system, that allows to increase at times conversion on a site, to rise sales and level of the average check without extra efforts.

Integration with social networks

Social networks are an inexhaustible data source about the client and his preferences. Using Oracle Commerce and giving an opportunity to the client to register on your site, using a profile from a social network, you get not only access to valuable information, but also the additional tool to promote your goods and services.

The improved search

The specialized search Oracle Commerce module not only quickly recognizes the client wishes and allows to show not only results on the most popular goods and services, but also on the correct sentences from the point of view of the seller. So, for example, not only the catalog of goods or services can be offered to the client, but also a set of recommendations, responses and guides on use.

Oracle Commerce is more than a technical solution

The Oracle Commerce solution, as the skilled seller understanding consumer psychology and long knowing the client and his needs, leads the client in online resources, establishing even more close connection between client and the company.

Oracle Commerce is used in 60% of the TOP 100 largest retailers in the world and provides them the stable increase in number of clients, conversion and the average check.