About the solution

The internal corporate portal is a uniform entry point for employees and management in the information system of the organization.

The certified specialists of development department of the Softline company, implement corporate portals for the commercial organizations, and also internal portals for government institutions. We own a wide set of technologies and tools and are ready to offer the solution meeting the requests even of the most exacting clients.

Benefits that you will perceive:

  • "One window" principle. The portal allows to collect all key and often used by the employees resources and applications in one place. It is enough to open the page in a browser – and all important documents, necessary contacts, assigned tasks and the latest news will appear before eyes.
  • Providing of an acceleration of decision-making process due to the built-in areas for collaboration and communication.
  • Effective management of documents. The portal allows to organize a uniform structured storage of information and to increase motion speed and coordination of documents.
  • Data security. The functionality of a portal provides demarcation of access rights to internal information depending on positions and roles.
  • The functionality of internal portals allows to optimize the operation of all vital areas of the organization.

Key functional capabilities:

  • General information about the company with the built-in organization structure, the address book with cards of contractors, an all-corporate calendar.
  • Documents management. The functionality of internal corporate portals allows to minimize manual operations and maximally to move to the electronic form of document flow through such opportunities, as: uniform storage of documents and files, creation of built-in templates of standard documents, electronic system of submission of requests etc.
  • Task management. The internal corporate portal is a convenient tool for setting and monitoring of execution of tasks. This area allows to assign and track tasks, sorting them in a user-friendly form: by the date responsible etc.
  • Internal communications. The corporate portal gives ample opportunities for increasing in the efficiency of internal communications through the built-in units of a video conferencing, chat and forums.
  • Integration. The portal can be integrated with a number of internal (mail, billing systems) and external (site) systems of the organization that will allow to use all listed systems more effectively.
  • Security. The internal portal provides reliable data storage thanks to strict, but flexible demarcation of access rights and users roles.