About the solution

Geoinformation systems are systems, which collect, analyze and then in a graphic format of cards, familiar for the user, visualize spatial and geographic data and the related information.

Having deep expertize in the development and the acquired experience and knowledge in creation of geosystems, the Develonica team is ready to implement even the most incredible, at first sight, system for the clients.

Use scenarios:

Thanks to a wide scope and almost limitless possibilities of development, including due to the use of API of Yandex-maps and the Google Maps, each project on creation of geoinformation systems is unique in its own way. Here are just some scenarios of their implementation and use:

  • Public transport. Creation of system of the city scale, focused on citizens, using public transport. By means of the PDA, the smartphone or a tablet and being in any point, the person can define his location and presence of stops and route of public transport in the district and to construct an optimum route to the destination point.
  • Commercial transportations. Creation of geosystems for the companies engaged in commercial transportation, for the purpose of a territorial location tracing of cars and the subsequent report generation and analytics on the results of each driver/direction work.
  • FMCG and Retail. The system can be implemented for the companies with a large number of sales representatives and/or merchandisers for the purpose of planning of their activities and movements, and also to increase the clarity and veracity of the reporting about the locations they visited.
  • The companies with an extensive network and a large number of offices of customer service. The system which is visually displays all branches of the specific organization in a format of an interactive map, with division on regions and districts, with contact information, the location map and other information, can become one of the most standard.