About the solution

Development of the custom software is a creation of the unique solution considering specific features and business processes of the company. Custom-made development is very often compared to full package solutions regarding expediency.

Having a wide experience and deep technological expertise both in development of custom-made non-standard systems, and in creation of standard products, we always closely interact with the customer from the moment of a formulation of a task or identification of need and, analyzing the situation, we propose the optimal solution. Often the intermediate option – development under requirements of the customer system based on any ready platform or completion of conditionally full package solution turns out to be the most appropriate.

Development of custom software is the pleasure available not for all companies because of its labor input and, as a result, the cost. As not all, especially large companies of federal level, which structure and business processes are unique, can solve their tasks by introduction though a several, but full package products.

Develonica has extensive experience of implementation of projects for the state and commercial organizations of different scale. We own almost all key technologies used in development, and we solve the following tasks:

  • Development, elaboration and support of corporate information systems for automation of business processes with difficult logic.
  • Complex automation of the whole departments or the companies in holdings.
  • Revision and support of already existing systems constructed, including, with use of rare technologies.