About the solution

EZBilling is the complex solution for automation of calculations for the services delivered on a subscription. The idea of EZBilling is based on constantly changing conditions of interaction with clients. After all, the stability of further relationship with your clients depends on how flexibly you can react to changes of their needs.

For the companies providing services in a subscription, this logic is reduced to the following key opportunities:

  • operational movement of clients - for example, from paid to the free version of a product;
  • transition from one tariff to another;
  • fast input of the new tariffs and services, popular at the moment or, conversely, possibility of "freezing" of some of them.

At first sight, it seems difficult to introduce such changes, however EZBilling solves these problems easily.

The decision is focused on:

  • Developers of online services and applications.
  • The companies –developers, selling the cloudy products through partner channels.
  • The SaaS companies - resellers and solutions "on a subscription".
  • Vendors and various telecom operators: the fixed and mobile telephony, Internet telephony, Internet and television providers, etc.

Why more and more companies choose billing systems?

  • It is a new way to take care of the clients and to be the customer-oriented company. Traditional billing systems are fading because of its insufficient flexibility. They don't allow companies to meet needs of the clients using services on a subscription.
  • EZBilling promotes the growth of your company. You can start new products, expand a range of provided services, open new channels of sales, by working through partners – all these changes will be smoothly built in your business by means of billing EZBilling system.
  • EZBilling – increase of business efficiency. Being integrated with various corporate systems used in your company and completely automating all process of conducting mutual settlements with clients, EZBilling releases your time and time of your employees, increasing labor productivity in the company as a whole.
  • Providing analytical data. What are the most demanded tariffs, on which of them clients stay longer, which of tariffs and services are less profitable to you –all these and many other questions it is possible to receive the answer, using EZBilling system.

Various divisions of the company receive benefit from the use of EZBilling:

  • Company management. EZBilling allows heads to focus on more global tasks – for example, development strategy of the company and advancement of its services, without worrying about a technical aspect of a question, besides, EZBilling will give full transparency of financial flows in the company as a whole.
  • Marketing. By means of EZBilling you are free to develop any set of tariffs and introduction of flexible pricing system, without being limited to software opportunities.
  • Accounts department and finance. EZBilling is an integration with 1C, optimization of process of mutual settlements and invoicing, decrease in overhead costs, possibility of conducting calculations on post-pay and prepay, by days, weeks and months.
  • Sales and clients support. EZBilling integrates with all popular CRM systems, and also with 1C, that gives to specialists of sales department fast access to all necessary information, including about the received payments, the invoices, the incoming orders.
  • IT service. EZBilling integrates with various corporate systems of the company, such as 1C, corporate portals, CRM-, payment and already used billing systems, and also can be easily built in directly into the cloud service by means of the APS standard or through API.

The principle of granting and consumption of services on a subscription more and more enters into the Russian business regardless of spheres and branches. The Softline Company department of information systems development suggests the clients to use the latest technologies and solutions for work with clients, increasing the competitiveness of the company in the market regardless of the branch.