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Power energy company «MRSK Severo-Zapada»

Creation of the uniform external Internet portal

Creation of the uniform external Internet portal
  • Project customer: Power energy company «MRSK Severo-Zapada»
  • Date: 13 October 2014


Our client, «MRSK Severo-Zapada», is a large interregional distributive company which at the time of start of the project exploited some sites on the Internet, including: the main company’s site - mrsksevzap.ru, seven sites of branches, and also some thematic sites. These Internet resources were realized on various platforms that greatly complicated process of management of public corporate content. Besides, there were no integration tools of external resources with existing internal systems as a result the company Customer had no opportunity to provide to users’ modern customer-oriented online services.


To create the uniform information system allowing to manage centrally content and other data of all Internet resources of the company, including the regional and thematic sites of separate structural divisions – the goal that was set for team of the Develonica developers. Besides, each site had to have both mobile, and the version for visually impaired that would provide to the company Customer additional inflow of visitors. Also it was necessary to realize end-to-end search in all resources of the company.


Develonica offered several ways to solve marked tasks, including through creation of the system based on Oracle products and with the help of 1C-Bitriks. As a result the Customer chose the Oracle WebCenter Sites platform as the solution with the highest level of speed and scalability, and also simplicity of introduction, support and further development. On the basis of this product the uniform information system with the organization of access to data through a web – browser which promoted increase the efficiency of interaction with company resources was created.


During the project some key business processes were optimized, as a result the Customer got a number of benefits and advantages:

Thanks to peculiarities of a platform, the distribution grid company got an ability centrally manage content and the rights of users of distributed Internet - resources;

Intuitively clear interface of the visual editor of the system, focused on ordinary users (not technical specialists), now allows editors and administrators to publish easily polytypic information (text, graphics, video). The special search engine and visual search capabilities, allow to make process of placement of information on the site the maximally simple.

The created system of storage and processing of an unstructured content (documents, audio, video), allows to load information in its original format with the subsequent automatic conversion into the formats optimized for viewing in web - browser;

The configured search indexes all content which is present on the main and the distributed sites of system. Built in this system technologies allow to carry out content prediction based on the requests made earlier by that user;

Built-in opportunities for integration of a portal with corporate information systems allow to carry out data exchange with internal systems and external, such as zakupki.gov.ru;

Creation of full mobile and versions for the visually impaired, increased number of both real and potential users of resources.

Besides the solution of the marked problems of centralization and unification of content management systems, Oracle WebCenter Sites allowed our Customer to realize some more separate functional modules: personal accounts for users and a system of meetings management for company top management.

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are intended for clients of the company, planning to carry out technological connection (connection to a grid). If earlier clients were forced to contact company office repeatedly, bringing necessary documents in paper form, now this process is completely transformed to online. In a personal account it is possible to send the application, to submit documents, to track the status of the inquiry and to get approval. This functionality should greatly optimize process of interaction of clients with the staff of service offices.

Meetings management system

This system is intended for board members and committees and is a uniform space for planning, carrying out and the subsequent analysis of meetings and other types of gatherings. Process of informing participants about the agenda was automated, process of collecting comments and monitoring of progress of decisions accepted at a meeting was optimized.

Bottom lines

Following the results of the project the Customer received reliable uniform and scalable information system which contributes to a significant increase of efficiency of interaction of users with the Internet –resources of the company, increases the loyalty of clients and employees to the company through the development of interactive services and attracts additional audience through the mobile version and the version for the visually impaired.


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Creation of the uniform external Internet portal

Power energy company «MRSK Severo-Zapada»

Creation of the uniform external Internet portal

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